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An excellent simple cocktail with a good bite! Add lime juice to suit. First had this in Bermuda, with <strong>Gosling Black Seal Rum</strong>. This is the original and best rum for the purpose, hands down. The local ginger beer is from Natrona Bottling Co., and is …

Jul 08, 2022 · Another green drink to add to the list, it’s made with Diplomatico Planas Rum, <strong>Gosling Black Seal Rum</strong>, passion fruit, pineapple, lime juice, cane sugar, and of course, blue curacao. Of the drinks that we tried, this one was definitely on the stronger side!

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A <strong>Dark ’n’ Stormy</strong> is a highball cocktail made with dark rum (the "dark") and ginger beer (the "stormy") served over ice and garnished with a slice of lime. Lime juice and simple syrup are also frequently added. This drink is very similar to the Moscow mule except that the <strong>Dark 'n' Stormy</strong> has dark rum instead of vodka.The original <strong>Dark 'n' Stormy</strong> was made with <strong>Gosling Black</strong> …

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