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WebMay 25, 2015 · As mentioned, Title VII covers the practice of religion in the workplace, prohibiting companies with 15 or more employees from treating workers unfairly based on religious beliefs and practices. This protection applies to discrimination in any form of the employment process including, hiring, firing, promotions, leave, <strong>salary</strong>, wages and benefits.

WebNov 17, 2014 · If you’ve been forced to resign, your resignation could be illegal and your employer could be held liable for violation of employment discrimination laws. The attorneys at <strong>Shegerian</strong> & <strong>Associates</strong> are standing by to assist you with getting the justice you deserve. Know your rights, and get help as soon as possible.

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shegerian and associates salary

[shegerian* ənd əˈsoʊʃiˌeɪts ˈsæləri]