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Whaaaaaaat, I just read about the story, daaaamn. I hope he got some psychological help, jesus. 1. level 2. NotMyGoldFish. Op · 3m. Consensus is that he is probably dead. He said he was going to go through with cutting the rest of it off and his account has been quiet since. 2.

u/worthless319. It's really sad that it ended the way it did, and that he never got help. WARNING: THIS USERS POST HISTORY INVOLVES VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES! so basically he believed that God told him to cut off his penis and eat it, shoot it 4 times with a revolver, and commit suicide by bleeding out of his pelvic area to prevent war between north ...

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Nov 13, 2020 · Nov 11, 2020. #7. Cuntpunisher said: I have been digging around in this rabbit hole. Some dude apparently got all fucked up on acid and dmt, and most damaging of all GOD. Then shot his dick off for said god. I found some pictures of the stump healed and some explanation if you guys wanna see I'll link the archived thread.

Jan 26, 2021 · Holocaust fact checker. Jan 25, 2021. #34. Vlad Tepes, the man jewish media has turned into a villain in the form of 'Dracula' was on the front lines of the muslim invasion of europe, if it wasn't for heroes like Vlad Tepes and the men who went on the maligned crusades, Europe would have been completely overrun by muslims.

u/worthless319 – Reddit user who shot his own dick 4 times, then fried and ate it. He shared multiple images of the aftermath of it. His last post was three to four years ago. He wanted to finish his “sacrifice“ in the woods by bleeding out and passing away. Full coverage in this video. ( submitted 7 months ago by MugetsuTV

3,071 Worthless Photos, Royalty-free Stock Images & Pictures of Worthless. Sad unhappy depressed young man crying and suicidal feeling desperate, isolated and worthless staring down the street on home balcony In People Depression and Mental Health concept. Urban background.

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Nostril clearly visible from front due to upturned nose. Lips make up a larger percentage of lower third than the witch. Examples: Kylie Jenner. Example of woman bearing a "Witch Skull". Witch Skull. Triangle or square anterior jaw shape. Downturned nose with 90° nasolabial angle. Flat upper lip.

Love and regards, worthless319. Edit : if there are any doubts, I can email pictures freely. DrDaring 28 3m. I have no idea how to respond to someone that blew their testicles off . . .multiple times. worthless319 13 4m. The second time I cut my scrotum open and severed it. When I shot my penis, the testicle blowing apart was an accident.

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This one's a doozy. First time posting here, so mods let me know if there's anything I need to change or if this doesn't fit here. All links have been archived at it's been deleted or removed just copy/paste the link there and replace "" with "" and it should be available.Last comment from /u/worthless319 (16 days ago):

This Mandelbrot zoom takes us all the way to a mini-brot at a depth of e1091. This video has quite a large colour variety due to a new rendering technique t...

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